JMGO projector is a famous projector manufacturer in China. It has a variety of intelligent projection products and has good performance in projection effect.

1. Highlight of appearance


The top 4 pickup holes are wrapped with a layer of fabric, so it will not affect the beauty of the overall equipment. The whole machine design pursues a simple style without opening redundant holes. For example, the interface on the back can support USB2.0, USB3.0, HDMI, optical interface, network interface and power interface. Specifically, it can support game console platforms such as switch, PS4, Xbox and KTV, so as to meet the needs of more use scenarios and avoid idle eating ash.

2. Using Experience


The projection distance of JMGO smart home theater is between 0.5m-4m, so the viewing effect at night is the best. It is recommended that the projection size be controlled from 80 inches to 150 inches, and the viewing effect is excellent in this size! After power on, the JMGO J9 will focus automatically with one key, so the adjustment steps can be omitted for the first or next use, which is commendable.


JMGO J9 projector supports 2.4G and 5g dual band WiFi and can play without cumbersome wiring. Therefore, JMGO J9 is quite excellent in terms of appearance, compatibility  and portability. All this is due to the fact that the JMGO J9 is equipped with more excellent software and hardware than similar products.

3. Hardware accessories

JMGO J9 projector uses RGBB four channel light source technology 2.0 scheme, and its highlight is to increase the brightness to 1850ansi. The most obvious change is that the film viewing picture is clearer during the day, and the whiteness of the picture has been greatly improved.

Through MEMC technology, JMGO can intelligently detect the dynamic picture and make intelligent compensation, so as to make the projection picture more smooth and clear, which must be good news for people who like to watch Hollywood blockbusters and ball games.


Even if the projector is enlarged to 150 inches, the details of the projected picture are still clearly visible. This is because using the new generation of 0.47DMD digital chip of Texas Instruments and 4K hardware decoding, it finally presents the realistic visual sense of 1080p in physical resolution and image quality imaging. Sapphire lens glass is also used in the front lens, combined with Nano coating, and the light transmittance reaches 99% in the laboratory. The high light transmittance simply brings its own beauty, which makes the picture get artistic sublimation in an instant.

In addition to decoding, JMGO also integrates HDR10 image quality enhancement technology. The intuitive feeling is the picture presented, which has been significantly improved in terms of clarity, color saturation and contrast. The whole projection picture is quite vivid and rich. Watching at home is really like watching movies in the cinema.


4. Software configuration

JMGO brings a brand-new JMGO OS4.0 intelligent operating system. In short, the dynamic interaction is better and the system becomes more concise. It is very convenient to use whether it is for yourself, children or elderly parents.

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