Is Formovie THEATER the Triple Laser Projector?

Formovie THEATER utilizes the latest ALPD 4.0 triple laser source of light technology, which is 30% more powerful than ALPD 3.0. Formovie THEATER covers 107% of Rec.2020, however some of this drops outside the range triangle so we read a smaller sized true gamut when calibrating. BT2020 is the parameter worth for ultra-high meaning television systems, providing over 1.07 billion colors for exceptional comparison and shade precision.

What’s even more notable is that the Formovie lists for $2,999, or $500 less than the competitor Hisense PX1-PRO, way more affordable than Samsung The Premeire LSP9T.

As one of the best laser projector, along with Dolby Vision support, the Formovie packs an integrated Bowers & Wilkins Dolby Atmos audio system. The fine image detail as well as solid blacks and shadows can be appreciated on this Formovie THEATER projector.

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