Many BenQ projector buyers want to know that how to watch Netflix by means of their home projector. This article takes BenQ TK859i as an example and teaches you how to watch Netflix by means of the projector.

BenQ TK859i
BenQ TK859i

You can try the following 2 methods based on your needs.

Method 1

View with Laptop Cast

Use your own laptop’s (Windows/Chrome/MacOS) Chrome browser to stream Netflix then wirelessly cast it to TK850i.   

Please make sure that both TK850i and the laptop are connected to the same network using either WLAN mode or mobile hotspot mode. Then click/activate the “Wireless Projection” app on the home screen before casting.

Method 2

View with Plug-Ins

Watch with an Apple TV / set-top box/gaming console/laptop connected to TK850i with an HDMI cable.

Please note that you cannot cast Netflix on TK850i via AirPlay for the copyright protection policies.

There are many apps that can be manually installed from Google Play that allow you to watch Netflix. Please follow these recommended viewing procedures.

You can pick one of the two methods based on your personal habits. May the tips help.