You can configure Internet protocol settings of Sony VPL-XW6000 Projector by following the steps below.

Sony VPL-XW6000 Projector

Menu Operation: Network Setting of Sony VPL-XW6000 Projector

  1. Press the MENU button.
  2. Select  [Installation] – [Network Setting] – the desired setting.

[IPv4 Setting]

  • [IP Address Setup]: You can select the IP address setting method.
    1. [Auto(DHCP)]: Network settings are automatically assigned by the DHCP server functions such as the router.
    2. [Manual]: Network settings are configured manually. Select the desired item with the / (Left/Right) button, and enter the value with the / (Up/Down) button.
      When all items have been entered, select [Apply], then press the  (Enter) button. The entered settings are applied.
  • [IP Address]: The IP address of the projector is set.
  • [Subnet Mask]: The subnet mask of the projector is set.
  • [Default Gateway]: The default gateway of the projector is set.
  • [MAC Address]: The MAC address of the projector is displayed. This cannot be changed.
  • [Apply]: It enables the IP address that has been set manually.

Sony VPL-HW79

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