Galaxy 360 Pro is popular throughout social media platforms. You can see many review videos and picture sharing about it.  Why the Projector is So Popular?

The projector is developed by a team of interior designers, which is designed for home use. All its features are designed for families.

The key features are as follows:

  • Multi-color Projection
  • Built-in speaker
  • Sound-activated Mode
  • 12 Projection Modes
  • Timer Switch

As a mini projector, Galaxy 360 Pro uses laser as the light source. It has a built-in speaker, satisfying the needs of music play. Compared with common home smart projectors, its functions are limited.

However, the advantages of Galaxy 360 Pro lie in its market position.

It is more of a star light with various functions. Consumers buy it for friends or children as a gift. It is priced at $159.95 (Sales: $79.95), which is lower than common portable mini projectors.

It projects glaring lights, which makes a room into starlight quickly. Galaxy 360 Pro is suitable for youngster to make their room special.