Formovie S5 vs Formovie Dice

Formovie S5 is a new projector from Formovie portable series. In this post, we will compare the two projectors side by side and help you to know about the differences between the two projectors.

Formovie S5 vs Formovie Dice

Formovie S5 vs Formovie Dice: Overview

From the side-by-side comparison below, we can see that the Formovie S5 has better overall performance, but Formovie Dice has a lower cost and built-in battery.

Formovie S5 vs Formovie Dice: Appearance

In terms of shape, Formovie S5 and Formovie Dice are obviously different. Formovie S5 is thin and flat while Formovie Dice is like a cube.

As for color, Formovie S5 has four optional colors, including moon shadow black, morning mist gray, frost blue, and pine frost green. Formovie Dice has only one color, which has contrasting colors of gray and oranges.

Formovie S5 colors
Formovie Dice Projector Review

Regarding the design, Formovie S5 is covered by fabric on the projector body to make a comfortable touch. Formovie Dice projector has a leather handle on the body to make it convenient to grasp.

Formovie S5 vs Formovie Dice: Light Source

Formovie Dice Projector Review

The two projectors have different light sources. Formovie S5 adopts ALPD laser while Formovie Dice adopts LED as the light source. Compared to projectors with LED as the light source, Laser projectors usually perform better in color coverage. You can know the difference between projectors with a different light source in the post: Lamp vs LED vs Laser Projectors.

 Formovie S5Formovie Dice
Light SourceALPD laserLED

Formovie S5 vs Formovie Dice: Image

Formovie Dice image size

The two Formovie projectors have the same 1080P resolution and a max image size of 120 inches. However, they are different in brightness and contrast.

In terms of brightness, Formovie S5 has 1,100 ANSI Lumens while Formovie Dice is rated at 700 ANSI Lumens. That means you can see a brighter image using Formovie S5 during the daytime.

As we have mentioned in the last section, Formovie S5 is better in terms of color performance and it has a higher contrast of 1,500:1, which brings more details and color gradations in the projection image.

 Formovie S5Formovie Dice
Brightness1,100 ANSI Lumens700 ANSI Lumens

Formovie S5 vs Formovie Dice: Portability

In terms of dimensions, Formovie S5 measures 175*175*48mm while Formovie Dice measures 155 *125 *60mm. Formovie S5 weighs 0.83kg while Formovie Dice weighs 2.2 kg. To sum up, Formovie S5 is bigger but it is lighter.

The built-in battery is also a core parameter for a portable projector. Formovie S5 has no built-in battery while Formovie Dice has a built-in 16battery with a long lamp life of 3 hours. If a projector has no battery, then it is tedious to use in the wilds that have no power supply.

 Formovie S5Formovie Dice
Dimensions175*175*48mm155 *125 *60mm
Net Weight (kg)0.83kg2.2kg
BatteryNoBattery Life: 3 Hrs

Formovie S5 vs Formovie Dice: System

The two projectors are powered by smart OS. Formovie S5 is powered by FengOS, a self-developed system based on Android. Formovie Dice is powered by Android TV 9.0. Compared to FengOS, Android TV 9.0 is more suitable for international users as it has a built-in Google Play store and other Google services. Let’s expect Formovie S5 has an international version that is powered by Android TV.

Formovie Dice Projector system

In terms of memory, Formovie S5 has 2G+16G memory while Formovie Dice has no built-in memory. If a projector has large storage, then you can store more offline videos and play them when there is no network.

Regarding gaming performance, Formovie S5 has ALLM mode and has low input latency of 12ms.  

 Formovie S5Formovie Dice
Built-in OSYesAndroid TV 9.0

Formovie S5 vs Formovie Dice: Audio

Formovie S5 and Formovie Dice both feature Dolby Audio and they have two 5W speakers. Their audio configurations are similar but Formovie Dice has more heat dissipation vents to make the sound clear and transparent.

As for noise, Formovie S5 produces lower noise than Formovie Dice. That is to say, Formovie S5 is quieter during operation and produces better sound quality.

 Formovie S5Formovie Dice
Dolby AudioYesYes
Noise23dB <32dB

Formovie S5 vs Formovie Dice: Connectivity

The two projectors both support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, making it convenient to connect to external devices wirelessly.

As for wired connectivity, Formovie S5 and Formovie Dice are similar but they have slight differences. Formovie S5 has a newer version of each interface and performs better in compatibility. For example, Formovie S5 has HDMI 2.1 while Formovie Dice has HDMI 1.4.  

 Formovie S5Formovie Dice
InterfaceHDMI 2.1
USB 3.0
3.5 mm audio
HDMI 1.4

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As a new model, Formovie S5 is smarter than its sibling Formovie Dice, but Formovie Dice is competitive in terms of portability and lower cost. If you don’t care system and want to save money, then you can pick Formovie Dice.

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