If you are considering Epson CH-TW5700T projector, this review should be helpful.

In terms of appearance design, the Epson CH-TW5700T projector looks very concise, the white shell looks clean and simple. The overall gives a refreshing style, and can easily hold a variety of home styles.

Epson CH-TW5700T has a very outstanding picture quality effect, with a 0.61-inch display chip and 1080P full HD resolution, the picture is clear and sharp. With a contrast ratio of 35000:1, and brightness is as high as 2700 lumens, the picture is bright and full of details. At the same time, it also has 2700 lumens, even in natural light, it can also guarantee the color quality. Supporting 10bit color depth, the overall color continuity is better.

The Epson 5700t supports 1.2x optical zoom. The size of the picture will change with the distance from the lens to the wall or curtain. The farther the distance, the larger the picture. At a minimum of 2.72m, you can cast 100 inches, and at 4.1m, you can cast 150 inches, which is very suitable for a living room with a width of about 4m.

The image is formed by Epson’s 3LCD technology giving rise to exceptionally bright, colorful images even in a bright living room. This model produces an impressive 2,700 lumens, brighter projectors typically work better when you can’t control the light entering a room. 

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