Bold projectors are portable mini projectors with low cost and various features. This post will introduce the Bold projectors from different perspectives, helping you to know more about the projectors.

There are two versions for the Bold projectors, the Nano version, and the Pro version.

Bold Projectors Nano vs Bold Projectors Pro

The major differences between the two versions of Bold Projectors lie in their appearances.

Bold projectors Nano
Bold projectors Nano Version
Bold projectors Pro
Bold projectors Pro Version


They have the same configuration in terms of image and connectivity.

Bold projectors Nano version adopts bright and simple contrast colors of yellow and white, whose overall design style is energetic and fashionable.

The Pro version has four optional colors, including yellow, space black, midnight blue, and pink.

Bold projectors Pro
Bold projectors Pro Pink

Both the two versions adopt contrast color. The bold projector’s Nano version is more energetic while the Pro version is much more exquisite in terms of outer design.

Bold Projectors Buying Guide 2022
Bold projectors Pro Midnight Blue

Compared with the Nano version, the Bold projectors Pro version has more shortcut buttons on the top panel.

The focus knob of the Bold projectors Pro version is located at the top panel, but the focus knob of the Nano version is located at the side panel.

Bold projectors Nano


Bold Projectors feature 600 lumens and contrast of 600:1. The brightness and resolution are not so good. It is recommended to use the projector at night or dark environment.

The max screen size is up to 220 inches. But the recommended screen size is 24”-60” within the distance range of 0.8m-2m.  If the image size is too big, the image quality may be poor.

Bold projectors Pro space black

You can adjust the image by adjusting the focus knob.


Bold Projectors are equipped with various interfaces, including HDMI, USB, AV cord, 3.5mm jack, Micro SD, TF card connection, which is compatible with smartphones, laptops, USB drives, DVD players, and Amazon Fire TV Sticks, and Xbox/PS4.

Bold Projectors Buying Guide 2022: Budget Mini Projectors for Outdoors

The projector supports mirroring via an HDMI adapter. You can get lightning to HDMI adapter for iPhones and a USB/Type-C to HDMI adapter for Android phones according to the interface of your phone.

The Nano version and Pro version of the Bold projectors don’t support Wi-Fi connection.


Though the Bold projector has no built-in battery, it can be powered by a power bank, which is convenient to use for camping in wild.

In addition, the Bold projectors measure 5 x 3.4 x 1.8 inches and weigh only 6oz. The weight and size are suitable for working as a portable projector.  


Bold projectors are budget mini projectors suitable for outdoors. It is not so good in image brightness and resolution, but it performs well in portability. In view of its price ($66.95), Bold projectors are a good choice for an entry-level portable mini projector.

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