Wemax Go and Wemax Go Pro are both ALPD laser projectors. Wemax Go Pro has improved a lot based on Wemax Go.

You can have a quick understanding of their differences by means of a side-by-side comparison below.


Both of the two projectors are portable projectors with small size. They all adopt the slide cover design. But the main color is different. Wemax Go Pro is black while Wemax Go is white.

Wemax Go Pro (8.62*4.60*0.98 inches) is a little bigger than Wemax Go (5.94*3.27*0.97 inches).

In addition, Wemax Go Pro ((1.72 lbs) is much heavier than Wemax Go (0.66lbs).


Wemax Go Pro has a higher resolution of 1920ⅹ1080P while Wemax Go has just 960ⅹ540P. For a projector with a good image, the resolution of 960ⅹ540P is not enough.

Both of the two projectors have an image contrast of 500:1, a common figure for mini projectors.

The image size range of Wemax Go Pro is 40-120 inches, a litter bigger than Wemax Go’s 15-100 inches.


Wemax Go Pro is rated at 600 ANSI lumens but Wemax Go is just 300 ANSI lumens, meaning that the former has a better viewing effect during daytime or under ambient lights.

Wemax Go’s image may be dim if the light is strong during the daytime.

Throw Ratio

Both of the two laser projectors have a throw ratio of 1.2:1. After calculating by means of Projector1’s online calculator, the two projectors should be 2.66 meters away from the screen if the image size is 100 inches and the best viewing distance of the two projectors should be 2m-3m.

Smart Features

Wemax Go Pro is much smarter than Wemax Go. Wemax Go Pro has an Operating system while Wemax Go has no system. Wemax Go Pro supports side projection, intelligent obstacle avoidance, intelligent screen alignment, and Bluetooth but Wemax Go does not.

Though Wemax Go is poor in terms of smart features and image performance, it is cost-efficient. Wemax Go costs just $299 while Wemax Go pro is priced at $599.

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