The projectors in our impression are all big and “bulky” designs. Although some lightweight household projectors have appeared in recent years, their volume is still not portable enough. Even the smallest volume is about the volume of a paper box. In view of this situation, IFLYTEK has officially pre sold a new projection product which is very portable and suitable for seamless switching between office and home. Its full name is IFLYTEK AI projector AP10W.

The design of IFLYTEK AI wireless projector ap10w is very unique. It adopts the sliding cover design, which can achieve the open and use experience. At the same time, the machine has a built-in 20000mah high-capacity battery and a 6-inch multi touch screen, which is more portable and convenient to use.

IFLYTEK is a leader in business office intelligent products. It has also carried out office optimization on AI wireless projector AP10W. Such as 10m long-distance pickup and clear human voice, these are details created for the office experience.

In terms of connection, the projector supports a USB2.0 interface and an HDMI interface to facilitate HD picture projection, reserve 3.5mm audio jack, and support external USB flash disk and computer. The expansion experience is excellent enough.

The traditional projector operation mode is completed through the remote control, while the control and functions of IFLYTEK AI projection AP10W can be completed through the remote control and touch screen, which makes the operation easier. The most important thing is that the system UI can easily realize the use of projection scene mode. It has built-in common software and office software, and can directly read all kinds of meeting documents in USB flash disk.

At the same time, IFLYTEK AI projection AP10W also has excellent transcription function. It is equipped with IFLYTEK speech recognition and transcription engine to transcribe speech into words in real time while recording and display on the screen. If it is used for office, you can easily put subtitles, complete intelligent editing, and even achieve the experience of effectively filtering modal particles, automatic word correction, intelligent segmentation and so on.

In terms of screen projection image quality, IFLYTEK AI projection AP10W has built-in 1080p HD screen projection and provides stereo sound generation with two speakers.

In terms of correction technology, IFLYTEK AI projection AP10W supports full-automatic trapezoidal correction and focusing, and can realize full-automatic trapezoidal correction and full-automatic picture focusing by gently pushing the sliding cover.

For office, IFLYTEK AI projection AP10W is compatible with conference and other third-party conference software, and can initiate meetings or join cloud meetings. Only one device is needed, all online meetings are completed, and more devices are liberated.