NOMVDIC X300 enable users to explore entertainment on the go with built-in battery. With this powerful projector, you are able to keep your party portable The NOMVDIC X300 is a must-have for your next camping trip or rooftop party. How long does NOMVDIC X300 last on a single charge?


The built-in battery provides up to 6 hours of music for you and can be extended easily with a power bank so there’s no need for tangled cords. Some users wonder: Can I finish my favorite movie on a single charge? The answer is yes.

You can watch up to 3 hours of video on a single charge. The battery capacity is 10000mAh. Maximum battery endurance is as below: 

  • X300 as Bluetooth Speaker Mode: 6 hours
  • X300 in Projector Mode: 3 hours 

So, generally, a movie lasts less than three hours, so on a single charge, you will can finish a movie with NOMVDIC X300 projector in an outdoor party.

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