Paris Rhône 4K Laser projector, with 4K UHD resolution with 2000 ANSI Lumen. It is able to deliver crisp images with rich details for unmatched visual enjoyment. How is the Throw Ratio of Paris Rhône 4K Laser projector?

The projection ratio of the projector refers to the ratio of the projection distance to the screen width. The smaller the ratio, the larger the projected screen width is for the same projection distance.

The projection ratio of a projector means the ratio of the projection distance to the screen width. The projection ratio = projection distance/screen range. This is an important parameter when purchasing a projector. The smaller the ratio, the higher the projection. The width of the screen will also be larger. Generally, the projection ratio of ordinary projectors is between 1.5-1.9, and those with a projection ratio below 0.6 are called ultra-short-focus lenses. The throw ratio is usually a range or a fixed value. Projectors generally have the function of scaling the screen size. When the screen width is fixed, the projection distance can be flexibly changed. If the throw ratio is a fixed value, it means that the lens is fixed focus, which means that when the projection distance is fixed, the picture size is also fixed.

Featuring 4K resolution and HDR10, the PE Laser Projector delivers crisp images with rich detail for unmatched visual enjoyment. The 2000 ANSI lumens enhance your film quality even during the day.

With 150 ” massive Display from a short distance, Paris Rhône 4K Laser projector is able to projects an 80 ” to 150 ” big screen ata close distance of 5.8″ to 19.6″ away from the wall . This can make Paris Rhône 4K Laser projector rated as well deserved UST projector.

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