This guide will show you how to use the Bluetooth feature of ViewSonic X2 projector. The projector is equipped with Bluetooth that allows the user to connect their device wirelessly to it.

ViewSonic X1 Projector

How to connect Bluetooth device to ViewSonic X2

  1. Go to: Home Screen > Bluetooth.
  2. Use the up/down to select Bluetooth Speaker or Bluetooth Pairing. Then press ENTER/OK.
  3. A dialogue box appears, select Connect and press ENTER/OK to enter Bluetooth mode.
  4. A sound effect will be audible upon entering pairing mode.
  5. Upon successful connection, another sound effect will be audible. The projector’s name will be labeled as “ViewSonic Projector”. Oncepaired, if both the projector and your device are powered on they will automatically connect via Bluetooth in Bluetooth Speaker mode. When connected please note that only the Power button, Exit button and Return button can exit Bluetooth mode.
  6. The projector will search for nearby Bluetooth devices. Select your device from the list and press ENTER/OK.
ViewSonic X1 Projector

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