Galaxy Projector 2.0 is a new star projector that projects galaxy and space patterns. This post will give a review about it, helping you to know better about the projector.


Galaxy projector 2.0 is a decorative projector, and hence the appearance is much more important than the ordinary home projector. Galaxy Projector 2.0 adopts black as the main color and purple as the purple as embellishment, matching the galaxy pattern well. The overall color matching is suitable for most household home styles.

The shape of the projector is just like a drum. The round body design makes the 360° rotating dynamic projection possible.

Color Modes

There are two star-color options for the Galaxy Projector 2.0, including blue and green. The blue one costs much more than the green one.  Typically, the projector offers six color modes. With the galaxy projector APP, you can get more choices and adjust the brightness.

Galaxy Projector 2.0 adopts low wattage lasers as the light source, causing relatively low heat. But if you stare at the light pattern for a long time, you may feel eye fatigue.

For projection size, the projector covers approximately 25×25 feet from 10 feet away.

Smart Features

The projector supports 360° rotation and therefore the galaxy pattern can be dynamic and flexible. The voice control makes it smart and ingenious to use.

With Galaxy Projector App, the projector’s rotation speed, theme, and color can be quickly adjusted. In addition, you can also use it to set timers and schedule to give a surprise to your friends.

Galaxy Projector 2.0 has a retail price of £139.99, slightly more expensive than its competitor. But now it is available with a promotion price of £69.99, more reasonable than before.

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