Here are 4 best laser projectors that is worth buying in 2022, all of them are relatively budget friendly (Given that they are all adopt laser technology as light source), with the most expensive one among them is LG HU810P sold for MSRP of $2,999.

If you are interested in laser projector, want to strike a balance between product quality and price, this buying guide may help you to make a great choice.


VAVA 4K Projector projects in full 4K resolution with a relatively low ANSI lumens of 1800, which is the darkest projector among the 4 laser projectors we tend to recommend. However, make sure there is no ambient light to impact VAVA 4K, it is bright enough to deliver excellent image output. With HDR 10 support, the VAVA 4K Projector gives you full detail in highlights and shadows. It offers a resolution of UHD 3840x2160p, which means viewers will get ultra-clear & vivid images with incredible pixel depth with over 8 million enhanced pixels.

If you are looking for a replacement of a TV, VAVA 4K would be a great choice, because as an ultra short throw projector, it is allowed to be put at a position very near the screen, won’t occupy too much space.

The laser light source adopted by VAVA 4K is the latest technology in the projector world, has many merits including less maintenance and a longer lifespan. VAVA 4K has a lamp life span of up to 25,000 hours. You won’t be bothered by the replacement of lamp every few years, like the traditional bulb-based projector, and you get a much brighter image than the LED lamp projectors.


LG HU810P CineBeam is a DLP projector, powered by LG’s three-colour Dual Laser light source, with a light source lifespan of up to 20,000 hours of use. At the front end is a 1.6x zoom lens which can focus an image of between 40-300in at a minimum distance of 1.1m. The lens shift feature adds a good degree of flexibility to the installation too, offering up to 60% movement on the vertical in either direction and 24% horizontally.

Its high brightness of 2700 ANSI lumens means that you will still get a decent picture in rooms with ambient lighting. Together with UHD 4K resolution (3840×2160), you’ll be able to get deeper blacks, brighter whites, and more brilliant colors in your images – giving you a higher contrast, fuller saturation, and sharper image. The giant screen size up to 300 inches is a merit that ultra short throw projector is not able to provide.

Dangbei Mars Pro

Dangbei Mars Pro 4K Projector uses advanced ALPD technology, which is the same technology used in over ten thousand top movie theaters worldwide. Watch all your favorite movies and shows as if you were in a theater. The advantages of the laser light source, as I mentioned above, has lower power consumption, longer lifespan, higher brightness, as well as excellent and stable image quality. Dangbei Mars Pro has an incredible brightness of 3200 ANSI lumens, means that it is powerful enough to compete with the external light source. You don’t need to be busy killing the lights while using Dangbei Mars Pro, just turn it on and enjoy a quick plug-and-play experience at any time of the day.

There is one more highlight of Dangbei Mars Pro, large RAM of 4GB and large ROM of 128GB. For a smart projector larger RAM means smoother performance. And the rarely 128 GB ROM allow users to download the more of their fondest contents.

Home projectors are frequently used on daily basis, that is why besides color, brightness, there is another core value concerned by users which is eye protection. With the TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification. Dangbei Mars Pro proves it capability of providing effective protection for our eyes, reducing eye fatigue that caused by blue light.


WEMAX Nova projector provides 2,100 ANSI Lumen brightness with a quoted contrast ratio of 3000:1. The WEMAX Nova comes with a proximity sensor around the projector which reduces the beam strength when someone looks too closely at it instead of at the projected image. Same as the other projector listed in this recommendation, WEMAX Nova is a powerful laser projector. Its 2100 ANSI lumens may need you to control the ambient light to a certain, because if there are some external lights in your viewing space, your image output quality may be degraded a little.

Laser light source coupled with 4K resolution, WEMAX Nova delivers exquisite pictures and accurate color reproduction, allowing users to see every detail. The MEMC feature allows you to experience your games, shows, and movies sharper and clearer than ever before.