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Founded in 2006, the VIVIBRIGHT Group has grown to become a Brand Owner that is currently home to four international consumer brands: vivibright, PixThink, vaabzz, and DusRad.Based on strong consumer electronics products R & D, and OEM / ODM manufacturing capabilities.


At the beginning, we conceived that technology is people-oriented. When we with perfect product experience can always bright our lives.vivibright wasn’t built in a day. See how we became a Industry-leading manufacturers.


We still insisted on being a manufacturer with R & D strength and targeted development of 50 ~ 200 US dollars of various types of projectors,and emphasized the general consumer Video entertainment market.
(At this time we have made investment 23 types of LED PROJECTOR molds and equipped with a nearly 5,000 square meters factory.)


「 via eBay 」

In 2011, VIVIBRIGHT GROUP started selling on eBay for VIVIBRIGHT Video entertainment LED projector (This was the first time that we were exposed to the online sales model)


「 Form the foundation 」

In 2012, we invested in the production of Video entertainment LED projector sold in more than 30 countries and regions receiving quality recognition from end users.


「 via AMAZON 」

In 2013, VIVIBRIGHT GROUP set about selling on AMAZON U.S & ALIEXPRESSS.


「 Brand vaule Together 」

Greart supported for AMZ Sellers

In 2014~2015, on the basis of good reputation accumulated from years of traditional projection brand sales and professional projection solutions, we put our business focus back to Video entertainment LED Projector. We advocated a new topic “brand vaule Together” causing competitors concept plagiarism and spare no efforts to support AMAZON sellers.

~ 2016

「 R&D GP90 + GP100 Projector 」

In 2016 we began to develop GP90 and GP100 video entertainment projectors, and committed to changing the pricing model of non-traditional projectors, combining with Amazon sellers’ sales strategy, and focused on supporting core brand sellers.


「 Invest VIVIBRIGHT GmbH 」

In 2016 we set up a German company VIVIBRIGHT GmbH following the Amazon seller’s strategy layout, we began to establish product localization services and after-sales systems, tried to explore local market and established 1,700 square meters of offices and warehouses in Germany.


「 Got a great sales record with GP90 + GP100 」

In 2017 GP90 & GP100 became the world’s best-selling projectors in non-traditional home theatre region, making them the industry’s most fashionable consumer video entertainment home cinema beamers,with their sales volume reaching a total of 270,000 units until today.While the total sales amount of projector was 470,000 units including all types.


「 Invest Elmart GmbH + ECOONLAND 」

In 2018, the German company VIVIBRIGHT GmbH was renamed Elmart GmbH (meaning Mart of electronic products in Europe). Based on the previous layout, our prominence was the development of European localization business and entered the brand operation stage, strived to seek common.

In the same year we launched the ECOONLAND AMZBox™ Business system, specifically for AMAZON Seller Localization Service and bring them the perfect after-sales experience for Amazon sellers (for details, pls visit


「 Invest a new brand “Pixthink” 」

Meanwhile our principal attention was the new brand “Pixthink” and planed to invest in new types of projectors under this brand.


「 Launch a “five-year plan” 」

VIVIBRIGHT Group will make its business back to brand building including VIVIBRIGHT, Pixthink, VAABZZ and DusRad, and strive to make technical reserves and user training for the next five years…

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