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Appotronics Corporation Ltd.

Appotronics Corporation Ltd. is a Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) Star Market listed company, Code: 688007 and one of the leading technology company in the laser display field with in-house R&D, patented core technology, and critical components manufacturing capability.

Appotronics is one of the first SSE Star Market listed companies,and remains the first SSE Star Market listed companies in Guangdong Province, from the laser display field. Appotronics has headquarter and R&D center in Shenzhen with subsidiaries and offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and North America.

Appotronics is true leader in the laser display field formed by the global R&D leaders from specialized areas such as optics, electronics, materials, physics, mechanical engineering, and precision manufacturing.

Appotronics invented its signature ALPD® technology in 2007 and has disrupted the industry as a result. Recognized as the standard for the next generation of laser display, we continue to pioneer industrialization on a global scale. ALPD® technology is currently utilized in multi-media projects for industries such as film production, television, smart education, large venue display, and others. Appotronics is the fifth company worldwide and the first in China to manufacture laser digital cinema projectors that meet the DCI certification.

Known as the industry leader, Appotronics has established strategic partnerships with reputable global companies and brands. In 2014, Appotronics founded CineAppo with China Film to leverage the strength of both companies and formed a powerful partnership for digital cinema innovation in China. Cineappo relies on Appotronics’industry-leading laser light source technology and outstanding R&D team to drive digital cinema projection innovation in China. The mission of CineAppo is to become an one stop service solution provider through the integration of advanced R&D, manufacturing and distribution. We currently are #1 in market share of China domestic laser film light source deployment.

In 2018, Appotronics combined forces with Barco—a Belgian company and global leader of video and visualization solution provider for the entertainment and enterprise markets, and China Film formed a joint venture with Cinionic that continues to provide “global high-end cinema solutions”.

New light, new life.

    • Lumens: 13000 lumens
    • Standard Resolution: WUXGA(1920*1200)
    • Display Chip: 0.67 inch DMD chip
    • Display Technology: DLP
    • CPU:
    • RAM:
    • Storage: