How To Setup A Tripod Screen?

Follow these steps to set up your tripod screen:

1 – Hold the screen in an upright position with the legs toward the ground.

2 – Extend the bar on the back of the screen to allow the screen to rotate counter-clockwise.

3 – Use your foot to release the latch/feet of the tripod base

4 – Pull the screen handle up vertically and hook the screen handle onto the Top Hook.

5 – Extend the bar on the back of the screen to the desired height

6- Velcro skirt onto the screen.


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► 8′ Wide Tripod Projector Screen

► Epson 6000 Lumen Projector

► HDMI Cable

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0:00 Introduction

0:26 Unlock the tooth

0:52 Unlock the feet

1:20 Pull put the screen

1:25 Set the height

1:39 Setting the bottom height

2:10 Skirting

2:49 Tearing down the screen

4:39 Final thoughts

Video Author: Kettner Creative