Epson EH-TW 740 and Epson EH-TW 750 are both 1080P Full HD projectors with similar appearance and shape. Epson EH-TW 740 can project 86 inches bigger max screen size than TW 750 while TW 750 is much brighter than TW 740.

Advantages of Epson EH-TW 740

Epson EH-TW 740
  • Bigger maximum screen
  • Bigger zoom ratio
  • Supports Wi-Fi
  • Higher static contrast ratio
  • Supports Lens Shift

Advantages of Epson EH-TW 750

Epson EH-TW 750
  • More ports (HDMI, VGA)
  • Much Brighter with higher lumens
  • Shorter throw distance

Video Author: Tanmay Mehta