Try chronicles his adventures in gaming on projectors thus far, examining how well inexpensive older projectors work for 720p content, how 4K and HDR look on a modern projector, and of course, he has to look at classic consoles through the OSSC and RetroTINK 5X. Even if you don’t plan to ever use a projector, revelations abound regarding how you might want to consider using various consoles from different generations.

► Episode Chapters
00:00 – Intro
2:21 – CRT Projectors
5:11 – 720p Projectors
12:31 – Super Budget Projector
14:12 – 4K and HDR on BenQ TK700STi
18:22 – Projection Screen Materials
21:56 – Game Modes and Pixel Shifting
25:39 – Native 1080p Revelations
29:31 – DLP Rainbow Effect
32:44 – 3LCD and DLP
39:01 – Light Source Types
40:47 – Conclusion

video author: My Life in Gaming